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Private Sales by Auctions



Why clients, owners and developers want to participate in ours Private Sales by auctions?

We made an expertise of the market and we ended up with this conclusion. The Real Estate market in Playa del Carmen and Tulum is working really well, the professional Real estate companies like us are selling more properties than the last years, but there is a big "BUT":

- The market is over saturated, there are actually more than 9,300 properties for sale, while 2 years ago, there were only 2,200 properties for sale in the area of Playa del Carmen

As a matter of fact, clients get lost in this market. It is really hard for them to find the property that will suit their needs or to find a really attractive deal. Owners or developpers have to wait a lot to get their properties sold.

In order to help clients to make a very good deal and owners to make a quick sale, Carine Gebelin and her team had the idea to organize all year Private Sales by Auctions starting June 2019. we know that it is the first time that it has been done here and people are not used to this but we organize it in the most quick, attractive and secured way for clients and owners.

And we insist, the Real Estate market in Tulum and Playa del Carmen is still really good. Actually, this month of June 2019, even if we have some sargasso, vacational occupancy was at 90%, which is a very good rate for low season as there are a lot of things to do in Riviera Maya (Cenotes, Mayan Ruins, Jungle tours, Sian Ka'an, 5th avenue...).

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Selling with Playa Home Auctions


Selling or buying with "Playa Home Auctions"
Really Fast, Safe and Easy !

This transaction service is inspired by the auction method. The sale starts at an attractive price defined according to the estimated value of the property. Tobe part of the 72hPlaya Home Auctions, the sale price has to be between 10% to 40% discount from the Market Valuation. The owner will choose with our help a reserve sale price, which represents a minimum amount needed to accept the offer. After visiting the property, buyers will have the possibility to submit their offer. 

signature d'un mandat
  • Valuation of your property
  • Determination of the Reserve Sale Price
  • Exclusivity for a few months
inscription à la vente
  • Professional presentation of your property
  • Marketing, communication plan
  • Real Estate services (appointments, Escrow account, notary...)
participation à la vente
  • Auctions will last 3 days, or until we receive an offer that will suit the owner (2 months maximum)
  • Choice of the best client's offer
  • Signature of the promissory sale´s contract 

Auctions will start the day we publish the property in our webpage and finish when the owner will accept an offer or when Auctions time is ending.

When we receive an offer, we will present it to the owner and ask the potential clients if they want to put a better offer. At the end of the days, the seller, with our help, validates the best offer, taking into account the price reached but also the financing plan. And at the end of the 3 days, if the best offer does not reach the Reserve Sale Price, the seller can refuse to sell his property. In that case, we will continue to promote the property..

The "Playa Home Auctions" allow buyers to submit their offer at any time (for example after visiting the property), without waiting for a predefined date of the Auctions. While keeping the advantages of the classic auction sale (auction system, communication plan, attractive price...), the "Playa Home Auctions" are adapted to clients who want to make a good deal and owners who want a quick sale process.

When the buyers submit their offer, the seller is informed and then has a period of 2 working days to accept (or not) the offer. In the meantime, the other buyers are also informed and have the opportunity to make a higher offer. 


The end of the sale occurs any time as soon as the seller accepts an offer (it can happen before the 3 days of auctions). Considering that we did not receive any other offer for 7 days, if the last offer is higher than the Reserve Sale Price, the seller has to accept it. 


Next Auctions are in September 27, 2019.

To subscribe for the auctions, feel free to contact us : +52(1)9841523828