Jangala Residential Lots, Suite TU 446 Pino Suarez (Tulum, Quintana Roo, MX - 77200) Land Only

$209,199 USD
From 121,261 usd To 209,199.20 usd

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  • Type: Lots and Land
  • Style: Lot / Land
  • Size: 606 sq. m. "From 606.305 m2 Up to 1,045.996 "
  • Development Level: Land Only


It is a development that has 44 lots for residential use, 2 lots for multi-family housing, 2 lots zoned for infrastructure (shown in Annex 3 page 3) and amenities of more than 10,000 m2 in an area of 6 hectares.
Lots with an average of 600 m2 to 1300 m2 with a footprint of not more than 35% (cos) and a height of not more than 12 meters (according to the municipal program of Land Management,
Ecological and Urban Development of Felipe Carrillo Puerto) are considered for residential housing.
Project characteristics:
Description of the project
a. Access
The development will have a guardhouse, security guard, vehicle access gates and controlled pedestrian access.
and controlled pedestrian access. There will be approximately 600 m2 of green area with different types of vegetation, such as: royal palm, kuka palm, tasiste palm, traveler's palm, fishtail palm, washingtonia palm, sea grape, sea daisy, kidney, and
palm, washingtonia palm, sea grape, sea daisy, kidney palm, among others, which are part of the existing
part of the existing ecosystem of the development area in order to generate the minimum impact within the project. LED lighting will be used in areas intended for vehicular traffic, and beacon-type lighting will be used in pedestrian streets.
b. Amenities
For the construction of the amenities, traditional materials will be used, such as mastics, plaster of the region.
mastics, plaster of the region in different shades, apparent concrete,
stone coverings from the region, rustic carpentry and the most popular construction systems of the region such as joist and vault, masonry footing systems, hollow block walls with steel reinforcements, or similar that comply with the normative conditions of the construction regulations and which will be previously approved by the development committee.
The development will be characterized by having the following amenities:
1. Cenote club
1.1 Cenote of 60 meters in diameter.
1.2 Lounge chairs and relaxation area.
1.3 Showers in bathrooms.
1.3 Dining area.
1.4 Bar area.
1.5 Cenote club house.
1.6 Parking lots for cenote.
1.7 Service area.
2. Lagoon club with dock
3. Barbecue area overlooking the cenote.
4. Yoga area.
5. Conditioned gym area.
6. Volleyball court.
7. Green areas with an area of 520 m2 with trails to the cenote where you can find a variety of vegetation of the region.
where you can find a variety of vegetation of the region.
b. Infrastructure
The development will have the supply of the main services such as water supply, electric power supply network, water supply network, sewage network, etc.
water supply, electric power supply network, telecommunications service supply network, area for the
telecommunications service, waste disposal area, street lighting, and common area services.
lighting and services in common areas.
1. Area for garbage collection area.
2. Area for machine room.
3. Guardhouse for access control.
4. Controlled pedestrian access.
5. Controlled service access.
6. Sewage and gray water treatment in common areas and lots.
b. Facilities
All the facilities comply with the corresponding regulations in accordance with
the construction regulations and complementary norms of the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The following facilities are available:
1. Water treatment plant and drainage network.
2. Underground electric power supply.
3. Transformer room.
4. Fiber optic network and supply.

Availability and Prices :
Lot A-02 m2: 634.835 COS m2: 222.192 Price usd: $ 126,967.00
Lot A-03 m2: 648.951 COS m2: 227.133 Price usd: $ 129,790.20
Lot A-04 m2: 615.973 COS m2: 215.591 Price usd: $ 123,194.60
Lot A-06 m2: 629.548 COS m2: 220.342 Price usd: $ 125,909.60
Lot A-07 m2: 606.305 COS m2: 212.207 Price usd: $ 121,261.00
Lot A-08 m2: 622.091 COS m2: 217.732 Price usd: $ 124,418.20
Lot A-09 m2: 659.166 COS m2: 230.708 Price usd: $ 131,833.20
Lot A-10 m2: 637,787 COS m2: 223,225 Price usd:$ 135,228.20
Lot B-01 m2: 676.141 COS m2: 236.649 Price usd: $ 135,228.20
Lot B-03 m2: 789.414 COS m2: 276.295 Price usd: $ 157,882.80
Lot B-04 m2: 839.984 COS m2: 293.994 Price usd: $ 167,996.80
Lot B-05 m2: 829.102 COS m2: 290.186 Price usd: $ 165,820.40
Lot B-06 m2: 1,045.996 COS m2: 366.099 Price usd: $ 209,199.20
Lot B-08 m2: 885.917 COS m2: 310.071 Price usd: $ 177,183.40
Lot B-09 m2: 866,582 COS m2: 303,304 Price usd: $ 173,316.40
Lot B-10 m2: 897.289 COS m2: 314.051 Price usd: $ 179,457.80

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