We are glad to introduce you to ours Friends and Family's PLAYA HOME announcements! 

What is this?

As you may know, as an investor there is 2 commune ways to make money in Real Estate which are well known, but there is a 3rd way which is not so well known yet.

1) 1st way: Renting Incomes: RoI (per year) is 4% to 23% net in Riviera Maya

2) 2nd way: Buying in Pre-sale and the resale of the property : RoI (per year) is 3% to 35% in Riviera Maya

3) 3rd way: FRIENDS and FAMILY programs: RoI is around 3% in only 3 weeks! 

Some developpers are using the FRIENDS and FAMILY'S PROGRAMS in order to attract investors in the very begining of the project. We are working with differents developpers who are using this programs, so subscribing (for free) to the FRIENDS and FAMILY'S PROGRAMS with Playa Home, will allow you to receive an invitation to participate to those programs, 

Being part of Friends and Family pre-sales programs has a lot of advantages:

1) Be able to choose your property before it is promoted in the market
2) Additional discount on the Presale price
What do you have to do?
1) Subscribe to receive the basic informations of each Friends and Family program of diferent development, in order for you to choose if you want to be part of it or not 
2) Some of the developpers are going to ask you to put a down payment of 5,000usd to be part of Friends and Family program to receive the information. This quantity is refundable within 15 days if you do not want to buy an apartment.
We are at your disposal,
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Friends and Family 1 : New development at 500 m from Beach Hotel Zone

Friends and Family : - New development in Tulum - Close to kukulkan avenue, only 500 m from Beach Hotel Zone - Starting Presale Price $220,000USD Until May 23rd (to be confirmed) read more...