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Investment in Playa del Carmen

 Our Real Estate Market analysis:
"I first came in Playa del Carmen to live here, there is 9 years ago. I have seen a city in developing very fast since. Indeed, the price, at this time was a lot cheaper that they are today, but the city still increasing and more and more people are investing.
We actually have the last lots for sale in the historic center and Playacar which is, because of the location, the very touristic zone. That is why I would have a very good feeling about the market for the next years. As I see the market today, the center in about 2 or 3 years will be a closed market and you will have the monopoly for a price way higher.
Of course we cannot tell what is going to happened in the future- Playa Del Carmen might know a crisis- but if we are going as we were the last 10 years, investing in here would be very interesting for you. A regular RoI of a well-managed property here is 7% to 22%.
So the area to invest for me is, as I wrote before, the historic center and Playacar, very closed to the beach and the 5th avenue. You would have no problems to rent your good the time you are not here; we have an average of 65% occupancy per year.
Because of the success of vacation rental incomes, today, in all agencies, the demand for a long term rental is way higher than the supply. For many clients it is very hard to find something and the price fly up incredibly for the long term rent."
Carine Gebelin
Director Playa home

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